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What does your Premium SEO Audit include?

1. You get actionable steps on improving your website's HTML.

Do you feel unsure, intimidated or confused on how and what to update in your website's source code in order to optimize it for search engines? You will get exact on-page SEO tactics that that will immediately get your site primed to rank better. These simple tweaks can have a dramatic affect in the visibility of your keywords and the way Google crawls your website.

2. You get insight and research into the keywords relevant to your niche and business.

Have you ever wondered if you are targeting the right keywords for your business? You will get information on the overall search volume and level of difficulty for the current keywords your site is ranking for. You will also get insight into how your direct competition and other similar businesses in your niche are ranking for the same keywords.

3. You get a proposed keyword strategy for your business and how to monitor its effectiveness.

Maybe your website is targeting keywords that have little to no search volume — meaning no one is searching for them. Or maybe you are targeting search terms that are just too competitive. You will get ideas for a potential keyword strategy tailored to your particular website and how you can attain actual measureable stats to see if it's working as you go forward.

4. You get ideas on creating valuable, relevant content and best practices on how to structure your web pages.

Like the saying goes "Content is King" — however Optimized Content is better. You'll get ideas on how to build authority by creating quality content that is useful and interesting to your audience and potential customers. You'll understand best practices on how to make your content friendly to not only your site visitors but to the search engines as well by learning an easy content structure for your web pages.

5. You get recommendations on the overall user experience, design and usability of your site.

Sometimes your website can be ranking well and receiving a ton of traffic but once people get there they leave within seconds. This could be due to the overall usability, design and layout of your website. There is always something to improve or enhance on every website to make the customer experience even better. You will get concrete suggestions on how to improve your website's design to increase customer engagement and sales leads.

6. You get insight to the value of creating a social fortress to build high authority backlinks and increase website visibility.

Since social properties like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are considered valuable and trusted websites because of the amount of daily traffic they receive means they can be leveraged to give more power and authority to your website. You will learn a strategy of building a massive list of social properties to increase your business awareness, visibility and get more rankings in Google searches.

7. You get ideas for creating valuable backlinks by leveraging online business directories to increase your visibility in local searches.

For brick-and-mortar businesses with an actual physical location or ones that operate in a particular location this can have a big impact on getting customers in your local area. You will learn how to create authority with Citations by using local business directories, industry specific websites and other high authority platforms to help customers discover your business locally.

8. You get insight into any technical issues with your website which could be impacting ranking and usability.

Technical flaws, site performance and security limitations are some of the most overlooked aspects of SEO which can have an impact on how your web pages are crawled, indexed and ultimately your search rankings. While these issues are relatively straightforward to fix, they are crucial to boost your search visibility and SEO success. You will get insight into any functionality that is broken or not working as expected and how to go about addressing them along with recommendations on potential site upgrades and enhancements.

9. You get suggestions on other digital marketing strategies and tools that could greatly benefit your website and business.

Having a great organic search strategy in place is crucial, but there are a variety of other digital strategies and tools some of which you may be aware of that can greatly enhance your marketing efforts. Having the right set of tools to manage leads, data insights, content and digital marketing is essential. You will get recommendations of some of the best digital marketing tools for your business to help you reach, act, engage and convert your target customers.

10. You get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT on any future SEO or web design service.

By signing up for your Premium SEO Audit and Recommendations Report you will get EXCLUSIVE PRICING on services to remedy any of the recommendations, improvements or enhancements mentioned in your report along with a DISCOUNT on any of our services such as SEO packages, web design, monthly web maintenance and digital marketing consulting.

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